Meet our Team


Rachel Wiederhoeft

Rachel Wiederhoeft is married with three children. She graduated from Olivet Nazarene University in 2010 with a Secondary Education degree in mathematics, receiving a teaching license. Since then, she has experience teaching in a brick and mortar school, tutoring, teaching art classes to homeschool students, and homeschooling her own three children. She is passionate about education and enjoys finding creative outlets in anything she does. She founded a local homeschool group and realized the importance of creating community. Curriculum for homeschool groups that was flexible to fit different styles and age groups  was hard to find, so she recognized a need. As a response, she helped coordinate a team and began to help with writing and designing the curriculum for Brighter Together Community. 

Stephanie Thomas

Stephanie is married with 4 kiddos ranging from 5 to 17. Her family has been on this journey for 10 years and their oldest has graduated! They started out with no support, but have a wonderful group of homeschool friends now. That's why it is so important to her to help others in their homeschooling journey---She knows what it's like to start from scratch, what it's like to be abundantly supported, and everything in between. For years she has been encouraging mamas and helping them navigate the crazy world of homeschool curriculum. It was from this desire to help others build and grow a community of support that we created Brighter Together. 

Becky Comoglio

Becky Comoglio was introduced to homeschooling in 1987 when her mom said, “Maybe you should check out this homeschooling thing.” Her first child was only 2 but with after she and her husband did a little research the answer was a definite yes.  She homeschooled her four children through their elementary years.  As an RN she eventually found herself in the public school system caring for students of all ages.  After retiring from the public-school job, she was asked to serve on the local school board.  As a homeschool mother and now grandmother, she recognizes the importance of parental choice in education. Understanding that co-ops are an opportunity for group dynamics and activities for homeschooled students, she is excited to be part of the Brighter Together team.  Becky loves being on the writing and research side of creating this curriculum.