How it Works


Brighter Together Community curriculum is designed like a unit study. Each time you meet you will learn together as a class from the same themed Lesson Book and have fun with age-appropriate activities that connect to the lesson. Age groups can be combined or separated. Sparklers are preschoolers/kindergarteners. Shooting Stars are early elementary. Lightning Bolts are upper elementary. The Shining Scholars are advanced elementary. Let's take a look at each book that is provided in each of our themed curriculum options.

Lesson Book

The information we will learn about is found in the Lesson Book. Every age group learns from the same Lesson Book. The teacher has the option to teach the entire lesson or choose less to present to the group of students. You will start each lesson with the welcome page---this includes an introduction to the day, devotional, prayer focus, and class rules review. *Class Rules are provided in the lesson book. There are 13 lessons and each one is divided into different sections allowing for plenty of flexibility. After most sections, there are suggested videos that you can watch together to help you dive a little deeper into the topic. The suggested videos are found here and here on our website. You will complete one lesson each time you meet.

Activity Book

The Activity Books includes all the games, crafts, worksheets, and activities that will help students make strong connections to the lesson and have so much fun learning and working together with their peers. There are supply lists and instructions for each activity, along with pictures and links found on our website when necessary. Symbols which coordinates with each age group is used to determine which activities each age group will complete every time you meet.

Family Events

Optional, bonus experiences are included in each theme for your group to enjoy together throughout the year! Depending on which theme you choose, it could be the Christmas Around the World and Culture Fair, or Science Fair Family Event. Everything you need to plan and host these memorable events is included. Students will have the opportunity to create and give a presentation showing all the amazing things they are learning!